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10 Things I’d Like To Do In My Lifetime


Since passing the age of 40 (not long ago) I’ve been contemplating the things that I’d like to do before I move on.  I spent the first half of my life raising kids, going to school and working and I’d really like to spend the second half doing the things that I’ve put off.  I thought I’d share my list with you and I really hope it inspires you to create your own!

1. Write a cookbook

I love to cook and to bake and I have so many old family recipes that I have wanted to put together in one place for some time.  As my culinary skills have improved I’ve created some of my own recipes that my family is often begging me to make.  I’ve often dreamed of creating a cookbook of my own with beautiful pictures and delicious recipes.  One day I would love to create a cookbook that features some of my favorites.

2.  See a Broadway Play

This one is really a sneaky way to get two for one.  I also want to go to New York and while I’m there I would LOVE to see a play or musical.  I used to go to plays and operas pretty often when I lived in Florida but I’m sure they’re nothing like experiencing a play on Broadway.

3.  Visit Bora Bora.

I’ve seen those “Trippin’ with Tarte” adventures that some of the beauty bloggers/vloggers get invited too and I’m obsessed with the accommodations that sit right on the crystal blue water.  It just looks like paradise on earth and I could totally see myself disconnecting from the world and just soaking up the sun while drinking some fruity cocktails.

4.  Learn Hand Lettering

I love the artistry behind hand lettering and have always wanted to learn how it’s done.  This is one that I’m actually working on.  I added it to the list, though, because I have mastered it yet.  My handwriting is terrible but I’m artistic so I feel that if I learn some skills and practice I can improve all round AND create some beautiful art in the process.

5.  Eat at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants

There isn’t one specific restaurant that I have in mind as I write this but I wouldn’t be mad if it was “Gordon Ramsay Plane Food” in London.  I love Gordon and the fact that he is such a perfectionist means that the food will be amazing…at least that’s the expectation anyway.

6.  Become my own boss

Right now I only work for myself part time.  For most of my waking moments I work for a very large company and I spend about 50 hours a week there.  I’m lucky that my job allows me to work from home a couple of days a week which makes it bearable.  The fact is though, as much as I love my “job” I would really like the ultimate freedom and flexibility of working for myself.  This blog is part of my plan to get there!

7.  Visit Alaska

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  We actually have a friend who lives there so the idea of going is not out of reach.  I would LOVE to see Alaska on a cruise because I love cruises but realistically I’d probably enjoy it much more if I just took an airplane and parked my butt there for a week.  Our friend has said that you don’t properly experience Alaska on a cruise; I know he’s right but…hey, maybe I’ll do BOTH!

8.  Properly (and fluently) learn a new language

In college I took Italian since I’m from Italian descent.  This was only a few years ago and I was also working full time and trying to keep up with family duties.  In truth, I didn’t give it the dedication or time it required and “Google Translate” became a fast friend.  I still want to learn Italian fluently though and I’m determined to make sure I check this off my bucket list.  It’s probably one of the most attainable of all.

9.   Learn to make a Beef Wellington

Ok…admittedly this kinda, sorta goes back to my love for Gordon Ramsay.  Obviously I love to watch Hell’s Kitchen and one thing that everyone on the show seems to stress about making is Beef Wellington.  It looks delicious but it’s also a challenge to make.  I love a good challenge.

10.  Get a new tattoo

I already have one tattoo on my ankle but I really want to get some writing on my forearms.  I’ve been putting this off because as a Mom, I feel guilty about spending money on something so frivolous.  But as I said earlier, I want to do more things for myself that I’ve been putting off.  I’d like to have “avere forza” which means “have strength” on one arm, and “avere fede” which means “have faith” on the other.

What sort of things would be on your list?  Share some of them in the comments below!

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