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Blogmas Day 6: Top 10 Christmas Films


As we get closer to Christmas, the holiday movies are really making an appearance.  So far, I’ve watched MOST of my favorites that have aired on cable TV.  Here I’m sharing (in no particular order) my favorite Christmas Films of all time!  Happy Holidays!

Note:  This post contains affiliate links which means if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.

1.  Christmas Vacation


Let’s be honest, this is in fact my favorite Christmas Film of all time.  I sometimes even watch it in mid-July because I love it that much.  It’s so hilariously funny and reminds me in many ways of my own family.

2.  A Christmas Story


“You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”…classic.

3.  Home Alone/Home Alone 2



I realize I’m going to offend some by saying this but HA2 is my favorite.  I just love seeing New York in the winter!

4.  The Santa Clause


Anything with Tim Allen is sure to be entertaining!  There were several in this series (I lost interest after the second one) but this is by far the best!

5.  Polar Express


Between the music and the imagery this is such a beautiful movie with a beautiful message!

6.  The Year Without A Santa Claus


The Year Without a Santa Claus features Mrs. Claus, Heat Mizer, Snow Mizer and a variety of other silly characters in one of my favorite Christmas cartoons from my childhood.

7.  How The Grinch Stole Christmas (ANY Version)


Any Grinch movie is great but THE BEST is the original cartoon version.  “You’re a mean one…Mr. Grinch!”

8.  Elf


Because…Will Ferrell.

9.  Frozen


Ok so maybe this isn’t a “Christmas” film but it is wintery and wonderful and I just love it!

10.  Christmas With The Kranks


Again, with Tim Allen the hilarity knows no bounds!


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