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Give Thanks and Drink Wine

When Autumn rolls around I get all sorts of excited.  It seems to become acceptable to wear leggings, a sweater and Uggs for just about any occasion.  This time of year I love to take advantage of the cooler weather and find things to do that get me in the mood for the holiday season.  Here are a few things on my bucket list this month.

1.  Paint & Sip

Most of the things on my list will include wine.  For whatever reason, I feel like the holidays and alcohol go hand in hand.  As a birthday present, one of my good friends took me to a “paint & sip” studio where you get to paint a picture while sipping wine.  What an amazing concept!  It may sound simple but you get a group of friends together and a bottle of wine, I guarantee you will have a GREAT time!

2.  Attend a Christmas/Craft Show

Here in Charlotte, we have a HUGE Christmas show every year where all sorts of vendors set up booths and you can experience everything from local wine (wine again), crafts, food and holiday decor.  This weekend I’m attending the show this year and plan to take BUNCHES of pictures so that I can share the experience here on the blog.

3.  Visit a Winery

Are you starting to see a recurring theme?  We have a lot of amazing wineries here in North Carolina.  You could spend hours just enjoying the scenery and sampling the different varieties of wine.  I love local wineries to find something unique so I can stock up and have an amazing hostess gift on hand.  During the holiday season, you have to always be prepared for that last minute dinner party invite!

4.  Give Thanks

I think the most important thing I want to do is to give thanks for everything that I have.  Thanksgiving is a very important holiday to our family and we make a really big deal of it.  It’s more than just a turkey dinner; it’s about getting the family all together and sharing with each other exactly what we are grateful for.  This year are family is spread far apart and we won’t be able to all be together.  But even if it’s just the five of us (my husband, myself and our three kids), it’s going to be amazing.

What are you all up to this month?



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