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Welcome to Rose of the City!

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Hello and welcome to Rose of the City!  My name is Jennifer and I’ve been blogging and vlogging on and off for a few years.  I wasn’t happy with the content I was producing and I have been wanting to revamp my blog and update it so that it represents me and my personality.  It is important to me that I create a space where I can share my thoughts and ideas in an attractive and inspiring manner, so I hit the reset button and created “Rose of the City”.

The story behind my name is personal and special to me.  I was at lunch with my three kids (ages 22, 13 and 6) and told them that I wanted to come up with something that represents me and my life.  We live in Charlotte, NC and I wanted to incorporate “city” in the name.  Secondly, I wanted to use “Rose” as that is my middle name and the middle name of my youngest child.  They came up with some great ideas but ultimately settled on “Rose of the City” and said they thought it sounded “sophisticated”.  I agreed and “Rose of the City” was born.

“Rose of the City” will be a place to go for decorating ideas, recipes (fall is coming!), fashion inspiration, beauty tips and reviews, and a whole lot more.  I’m no expert but I really hope that you find my blog informative, interesting and fun to read.  I’m always open to suggestions so feel free to contact me using any of the platforms listed on my contacts page.

Warm wishes and welcome!


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