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Cooking and Baking: My Weekend Obsession


I always look forward to the weekend; WHO DOESN’T???  But I’ve recently fallen back in love with cooking and baking.  It seems like every weekend for at least the last month Sofia and I have been trying out new recipes.  I can honestly say there is something extremely therapeutic about taking a bunch of not-so-random ingredients and making something amazing.


My inspiration comes from a variety of sources: Pinterest, cooking websites and of course cookbooks.  Lately I’ve been collecting cookbooks again.  Some of the new ones I’ve picked up are from non-traditional cookbook authors.  As in…”not professional chefs”.  Cookbooks created by YouTubers, celebrities, and lifestyle experts are easier for the average home cook or baker to understand.  Also, they tend to have amazing photos; especially books by YouTube creators.


With all of the things life throws at you, it’s nice to find something that allows you to relax and remove yourself from those stressors.  Find what makes you happy and take the time to enjoy it.  Don’t let work get in the way of happiness…work will still be there tomorrow.

Books Shown:

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