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Random Acts of Kindness


A couple of weeks ago I was in line at Starbucks and I was waiting to order my usual Venti Iced Coffee with 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup.  The baristas in my Starbucks know me so they usually have it ready when I walk up.  On this particular day, my barista told me that the lady in front of me had paid for my coffee, “just because”.  I was totally caught off guard and thanked her profusely.  I’ve heard about this happening but never actually experienced it for myself.  To be honest, I’d never done anything LIKE that myself.  Inspired, I paid for the coffee for the man behind me and told the barista, “maybe we can keep this going”!

I didn’t think about the incident anymore…until today.  I had to go to the drug store to get my son some Gatorade.  He was home sick with the stomach flu.  There was a lady in line behind me who was in her early 60’s.  She asked me if I could read the tube of concealer she was purchasing and tell her what color it was.  I told her and it wasn’t the one she wanted; she said she wanted something brightening because she felt she had dark circles under her eyes.  This was totally in her imagination because I thought she looked great!

It then occurred to me, I’m a beauty blogger….I know a thing or two.  So I told the lady that my FAVORITE drugstore concealer was actually the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer.  When I told her I was a freelance makeup artist and that I blog about makeup, her eyes lit up and she started asking me questions about what kind of makeup she should wear.  I said, “do you have a minute?” and we walked over to the makeup section.

Twenty minutes later I had helped her find a concealer, eye liner and eye makeup remover and had given her tips for making her concealer last.  She had these beautiful blue eyes and she really wanted to wear eyeliner so I recommended a gray eyeliner because it would be subtle enough while still accentuating her eye color.  She was so grateful for the advice and I was happy that I was able to help.

The point of this post isn’t to toot my own horn.  The lady in the drugstore reminded me of that day at Starbucks and how a random act of kindness made me smile.  When I saw how happy she was at getting some makeup advice and tips, it made my heart feel full.  Showing kindness to a total stranger can be very fulfilling and healing.  Granted we’re not talking about helping and elderly person across the street or changing a flat tire for someone; but it’s something!

This week, I want you to think about how you can perform an act of kindness.  It doesn’t have to be random…think about something you can do for someone else that they’re not expecting.  It can be anything.  If they ask how they can repay you or how they can return the favor, tell them to perform an act of kindness for someone else that day.  I’ve listed some ideas for you below.  Let’s keep it going and share with me how you helped someone that didn’t expect it.

15 Acts of Kindness

  1. Buy a coffee for the person behind you at the coffee shop.
  2. Pick up the tab for your friend’s lunch/drinks.
  3. Buy a meal for someone less fortunate.
  4. Hold the door for someone.
  5. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while just to say “hi”.
  6. Buy a friend flowers for no reason other than to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  7. Pay a stranger a sincere compliment.
  8. Say hello to a stranger instead of just glancing at them.
  9. Volunteer for a charity.
  10. Help someone at the grocery store load their groceries into their car.
  11. Bake a cake or cupcakes for your kids’ class.
  12. Bake a cake for your kids’ teacher.
  13. Give your kids’ teacher a small gift card to a coffee shop.
  14. Let the car in the far left lane get into the far right lane without flipping them off.  🙂
  15. And of course, help that older person across the street!

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