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Snow Day? The First Snow of 2017

When I heard the first snow of 2017 was going to come to Charlotte this weekend I was SO EXCITED!  It looked like we were going to get our first snow day of 2017!  I lived in Florida for 30-some-odd years so I never got to see snow in the winter.  In fact, we never really had a winter since temperatures rarely dipped below 50 degrees.  And snow in Charlotte usually means a “light dusting” or a flurry.  With Winter Storm Helena heading our way, we were hearing that we would be seeing anywhere from 5-8″ of snow!  I must admit I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how our city would handle such a large accumulation. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we only ended up getting about an inch of snow but a LOT of ice.

The ice on the trees made them look like glass sculptures.  It was unreal and very beautiful.

It was such a light dusting that the kids could barely play in it but still, the sled worked pretty well.  And Sofie managed to make a few snowballs and peg me in the back when I wasn’t looking.

I really wish we had gotten the 5-8 inches that the weather forecast promised.  I learned later that just 20 minutes north of us they saw A LOT more snow!  Today schools are closed thanks to the ice and really cold temperatures so the kids get a “snow day” but unfortunately the snow here has melted and there’s no snow to play in.

While I would love to see a nice blanket of snow covering the ground, I also realize that I’d probably be quickly annoyed with it because it would make driving on the roads a challenge.  Especially here in the South where we’re not equipped to deal with much accumulation.  Still, I’d welcome a few days of snow for a change of scenery…then it can melt.  🙂

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