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Wander…Don’t Be Afraid To See Where The Road Takes You

Do you ever just take wander off and see where the road takes you?  For me, this is something that I struggle with.  I love to plan each day of my life down to what I’m going to eat, what I’m going to watch on TV, what particular chore I’m going to get done after work, etc.  The thought of taking off spontaneously without prepping and planning for the trip terrified me.  Until I actually did it.

Sunday Morning

Sunday was just like any other day…I woke up at 5AM (super annoying) and made my coffee while the rest of the family slept.  All day on Saturday, the kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement because Halloween was fast approaching.  It was the first time in a while that my husband actually had both Saturday AND Sunday off from work so we knew we wanted to get out of the house and do SOMETHING but hadn’t firmed up any plans.

As 7AM rolled around I started to prepare breakfast and as usual the smell of bacon aroused my sleeping beauties.  As we were eating breakfast, my husband and I chatted about what we could do and decided to take the kids on a road trip up to Asheville to see the mountains.

By 10AM everyone was fed, washed and dressed to hit the road.  We headed North toward Asheville and as we were riding along, my husband mentioned that a friend had told him that Virginia was only a couple of hours away.  I looked over at him, a bit of mischief in my eyes, and I said, “You want to go there instead”?  Initially, we were both hesitant because we had no “plan”.  To just take off in a different direction without consulting a map is so alien to us.  But, we adjusted the car’s navigation and made our way toward the Blue Ridge Parkway…in Virginia.

The Blue Ridge Parkway – Virginia

None of us have ever been to Virginia so we were all excited about the trip.  We stopped off at a convenience store to grab our obligatory “road trip snacks” and off we went.


It only took us a couple of hours to get to the parkway access and the trip there was absolutely stunning.  I love when the leaves are so bright and vivid; orange, yellow and red.  The weather was pretty clear and quite warm for the season.


Along the road we found this really cool park called “Groundhog Mountain” that sat high on a hill.  There was an observation tower that you could climb up into and I was able to get some really spectacular photos.  Unfortunately I forgot my memory card for my Canon T6i so I had to use my iPhone.  Still, I think that for the most part the photos turned out really well.


The kids really enjoyed the place because they were able to just take off and run in an empty field.  That’s something we don’t have a lot of where we live.  It was nice to see them sitting and talking on this snake rail fence just beyond the tower.  Normally they’re trying to pull each other’s hair out.


We spent quite a while here just letting the kids play and enjoying the sunshine.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in city life with the constant traffic, the noise and the limited amount of open space.

img_1436 img_1419

The most important thing we learned on this trip is that you don’t need a lot of money to have a great time.  You also don’t necessarily have to plan EVERYTHING (note to self).  It really is refreshing to hop in the car, grab some snacks, and just see where the road takes you.  Occasionally, you’ll come to a dead end, but sometimes you’ll find a little slice of heaven on Earth.

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